A BASIC question about a Rollover button


I have created a button and doubled clicked on it so you’re in the editing area. On the “UP” frame you have the button the way it is. On the “OVER” frame the button highlights to a black text.

Now also on the “OVER” frame i have created some text that appears next to the button when u roll over the button. (it’s just a description on where that button will lead you too)

But here’s the problem.
When you press F12 or view it in swf… If you roll over the AREA where the text is next to the botton, that text shows up and highlights the button (which it isn’t suppose to happen)… It’s only suppose to appear when you rollover the botton…

Can anyone help me?


Check the last frame of your button, it’s the hit area. The problem should come from it (you can draw your own little hit area).

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