Just a small question

Hey…As you can see I’m pretty new to flash and to the site. I found some great tutorials here and was able to make my first flash “page”, but I have a question. I want the rollover effect to go over text and not a button. Using my lil brain i kinda figured that I had to set the “button” properties to the text, so I did that, and when I went to edit it, i changed the color so that turned red when the mouse went over. I hope that was clear, its a bit hard to explain. So I preview the page and I found that when the mouse goes over the text it must be VERY precise in order for it to change otherwise, it wont! I tried playing around with other stuff, but I wasn’t successful. Is there any way to get around this problem? Or, is it impossible with text? Well, thanks you so much, and again, great site!

The problem here is that the text and the text alone is a button. What I do, anyway, is create a box about the size of the text on a layer below the background. Set the text itself as a movie clip and have it stop on the first and second frames (for a basic example). Frame one is the button up, frame two is the button rolled over.

Then I make set a name to that movie clip - we’ll call it “Button”. I then set the hidden box as a button and make it so that when you roll the mouse over said box it telltarget’s “Button” to gotoAndPlay frame 2.

I recommend you learn telltarget before you do this, assuming you don’t already know it.

This all sounds a lot more complicated than it is. Once you get it working you’ll be able to do it in a few seconds and you’ll start making much cooler button rollovers.

You’re young, master Anakin, and that is a common mistake.
There is a solution, don’t worry.
The thing is that you have to play with the last frame of your button. It’s called the hit area. It’s won’t appear on the screen, so you can draw pretty anything you want.
My advice : go to this frame, select the rectangle tool, and draw a rectangle that covers your text and a little bit more. It will be much easier.


It took me a while to reply but thank you so much :slight_smile: