A good chrome - metal texture

Hey everyone, I recently got Swift v3, and I think is quite a good renderer. However, I want a good chrome-metal texture that can give a simple object a realistic feel, such as that one found in this Swift 3dv3 made lightsaber you can find --> http://www.daviesinteractive.com/lightsaber.html

Please help me around:) I know it is simple, but I cannot quite find the right way to find a cool realistic chrome look… Thanks.


Here you go, try this. =)

Whoa, that is some real cool stuff. Anyways, the color of that chrome, however is bluish, I just need a normal, metalish chrome:rambo:

PS I want to know how you do that, though :-\

That chrome was given to me by Andy from Daviesinteractive so I wouldnt know how it was done, but if you contact him then he’ll be more than happy to tell you. =)

How can I contact him? Can I have his email please?

Please help me if you know, it is for a school project.:*(

I don’t know his email address, but I’m sure you can get it off of his site. www.daviesinteractive.com

I told to him in another forum…his AT Walker is sweet!

*Originally posted by dan4885 *
**I told to him in another forum…his AT Walker is sweet! **

ok so i think you meant you talked to him, i luv destroying those AT Walkers in Jedi Outcast…bwhahahahahahaha

If you still do not understand how it works, I understand…

In fact, now that I know more swift and stuff, how can I get that picture they used as background to make the metal reflect? Can I extract it from the swift .t3d file? How can I save it to my hard drive for future projects…?


You don’t need that picture they used. You can use your own as well, or you search a picture on the internet.

If you wait a few moments I’ll post one for you.

Alright! I’ll be more than thankful!

Ok, here we go…

Here you have a picture of a possible background

Then you make sure the settings are looking like this

Then you just add the metal color to the object and render it…

Get it?

Whoops, wait. Is chrome the texture for a metal object? Like the metal in that lightsaber?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Lightsaber? Lightsaber?, where?

The Swift 3d Lightsaber at www.daviesinteractive.com

Hey, one thing: How can I get the same texture as he did in the handle grip? I can’t seem to get it right… :frowning:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

he has a tutorial for it from the erain site www.erain.com then go to the tuts section. Swift takes alot of tweaking since they do not have numeric settings for tweaks. So there is no easy way to tell you ho to do it. BUt if you play with it I think you will get it.

Hey everyone,

Didn’t knew about this topic so now i can help everyone with the chrome and texture problem.

This is what i did with the handle grip:

I use a raster holes texture and made it black. Scale the texture a little in the options menu. That’s it

The chrome effect:
Use a metal texture for the objects and
select from the environment (leftmenu) - bitmap - image.
That bitmap image will reflect on your saber so it will look like chrome.
What kind of image i use? Look at this image carefully
…you will see the same lightsaber reflected. swwweeeeetttt

For those who want to learn how to mak the saber, you can always have a look at this tutorial:

Good luck !
Andy Davies