Swift 3d v3 tutorial

Hay i made a tutorial of my lightsaber for anyone who wants to learn the new software version 3 of swift.
It is amazing what you can do with swift 3d these days.
Choose from the menu on this link the making of the saber.
Let me know if you think the tutorial was very usefull to you.


Here is the link:

By the way , the flash movie is 710 kb. If you hate loading please go directly to this link


:slight_smile: Very cool!
and nice work! Well done!

I hope that i can anwser some questions now with my tutorial.
Greetz Andy

Hey davyace!
The tutorial is really nice :slight_smile: Your main site is quite impressive as well!

Kirupa :bandit:

Hay Kirupa thank you for your comments.
I am working on version 3 of my site and hope to finish it soon.
It will be full 3d.
Soon i will show some screenshots here in the near future.

Greetz Andy (davyace)

nice. can you make chrome looking thingsin swift 2?

The chrome effect could only be done in SWift version 3.
There is also an update version for your version 2 available at erain.com.
Greetz Andy

you know any simple tuts that tell you how do draw stuff like planes and cars?

I think there are simple tut on erain.com or www.swift3d.com
You can also find tuts on the internet to draw in flash, because you can import al your flash drawings in Swift 3d.

Greetz Andy

ive seen that amazing sword, really kewl.
im about to make an intro for our starwarsgalaxies PA site so i decided to include a sword too, but i never get those effects. i mean that really cool chrome effect.


the white that you see is an chrome effect but it does not look like oneā€¦
can you help me?

Sure i wanne help!
Send your swift file to:
[email protected]
and i will make the chrome effect for you.
Greetz Andy

sended out :wink: and thanks!