A little programming help

i am sorry i know this isn’t related to flash, but i need to know

what is wrong with this code…

Program test;
____WinTypes, WinProcs, WObjects, WinDOS;
____dummyText : string;
____dummyText := “Hello Hongfire!”;

what language is this in anyways?

i thinking it is this part?
dummyText := “Hello Hongfire!”;

you can’t declare dummyText like that? i am not sure O_o

well, its definately a lower lvl coding language, maybe asm? don’t know and how do you know its wrong… if you don’t know what language it is…

the programming language is PASCAL

whats the problem! and yes i know its wrong cuz it is a problem someone gave me. there is something wrong with the code

bump anyone know PASCAL?

google pascal syntax you will probably find out whats wrong

■■■■ been a while since I program in pascal, ddidn’t realise people still use it… I am not sure about the dummyText ( := ) , could it be the semicolon and equal sign, is it valid?.

If not that, it my be the declaration of the variable, isn’t “string” meant to start with capital “S”…
Its been years since I use pascal, so I could be wrong.

no point in reinventing the wheel, as of now i would stick with a higher level of programming, maybe c++, the only way you would really need pascal is for the stuff that programming languages like C++ can’t do which is very little but umm i guess it could come in handy to learn

ok then how about this?

void what_do_I_do(int a, int b) {
__System.out.println(a + " " + b);
__a ^= (b ^= (a ^= b));
__System.out.println(a + " " + b);

tell me what that method does if a = 3 and b = 6