Please test

…comment, add stuff, correct my horrible English, anything you want. It’s here:

And the source is here:

I’m VERY tired so there are probably lots and lots of mistakes…

pom :-\

Hmm… Now that I read it for the 1st time, I remembered that I first tried to write it for Flash 5, but I found out quite fast that I had no idea how to set up HTML in a text with F5… If anyone knows, he’s welcomed to do the F5 version.

pom :x

Whats this about Ilyas?

I go to that link and get a 404.

To do HTML text in Flash 5 I believe you have to check the [<->] button in the properties and enter the text through AS.

Old thing I did about ASfunction… Funny you dig that up, I was thinking about it recently :slight_smile:

LOL, Funny :beam:

If that was your English back then, you have definitely improved since. But even back then you were better than most of the Americans I know here that were born here… honestly.

Well, thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll try and rewrite that thing on my own, and then you’ll be free to execute me [SIZE=1]but not before Kirupa does something about the other tutes :superEvil:[/SIZE]

pom :slight_smile: