A new line art battle [Flash]

I fancy having a line art battle using only flash. I been trying to think of a theme and i reckon maybe something fantasy or sci-fi like a wizard or a spaceship or something like that. I havent got a scanner or a wacom that people use to help them in line art, so i would prefer it to be just done straight in flash, however that up for debate.

So neone interested??, Hides for kit and ribcage :sigh: lol

im up for it, but why do people insist on line art be done in flash only? this is crazy, why cant we use any vector program, the tools are basically the same!

im not moaning, btw - line art is vector isnt it?

anyways im down for the battle (even if i have to do it in flash)

:m: mariofan

i would like to participate in a line art battle…

I might give it a go if I find the time :slight_smile:

Any interest in this? I would like to draw a vehicle with line art. Any challengers?

im up for that

Can we get a mod to sanction this proposed Vehicular Line Art battle?

All right, it’s here: http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21420

pom :slight_smile:

I might enter if I have the time over he weekend to draw something. :slight_smile: