can anyone do really good line drawings.

you no were you have a picture and make a new layer then make a line drawing of it.

if you can and would like to help me line draw over a car picture for my new Grand Theft Auto site i would really love for you to reply


thanks in advance

Well I haven’t ever tried it because I have nothing to try it on. I am sure I wouldn’t be too good at it though. Here is a link to a tutorial on line art in Flash.

It is a very good tutorial. The process is time consuming though.

Just finished a project copying & “cleaning” a series of scanned line art.
I’d be happy to have a look at your project.

If it was my project I would use illustrator to draw the image(s) then import into flash (if the project requires it).



i got the pictures i want made into line drawings, they are quite complex like people and cars and **** but i really can not do this

i just cant keep the mouse straight

if you want to help plz reply

if the images are online post the url or email me at [email protected] and then we can talk about what needs doing and how.


Ian C.

I’ll give it a try as well, I’ve had a bit of practice. :slight_smile:

And don’t worry about not keeping your mouse steady, you don’t have to draw ‘freehand’ as it were, just use the line tool to define a start and finish point for the line, then curve it a little. If you had to draw freehand then I for one would be totally screwed. :slight_smile:

direct selection tool (or its equal) is your friend.



or cheat by tracing the image and then scanning it in !

Yeah but then it is still a bitmap that’s going to go jaggy/blurry if scaled too far.

Sorry, I don’t buy into using autotrace functions as I have yet to see one that works well enough although I’m sure that they are in the pipe and I eagerly await their arrival. Mind you I have not tried the latest version of Streamline but found earlier versions to be less than useful.