A nice mp3 player -> hard to find

I really want an mp3 player now. I have the money (mehehe) but don’t know which one to buy. Most of them are so… ugly… or their style is just too out of date. I was thinking of Ipod, but it’s just too pointlessly big… (memory-wise and physically).

I heard some good ones are imported (like wewa - www.wewa.com.hk), but some aren’t even English :alien:. Anyone has a good recommendation of which brand or the actual player?

Thanks =)

samsung yepp
very easy to use, not too expensive, compact, sleek…etc.
i have an older model (2002) and it works fine!
the PC-Yepp music transfer is really **fast **(700 kbs) and very user-friendly software!!:slight_smile:


i suggest this one: http://www.samsung.ca/cgi-bin/nasecabc/en/b2c/product/product_detail.jsp?LoginFlag=NO&prod_id=YPT5V%2fXAC&prod_path=%2fConsumer+Products%2fTV,+Video+%26+Audio%2fDigital+Products%2fYepp[url=“http://www.samsung.ca/cgi-bin/nasecabc/en/b2c/product/product_detail.jsp?LoginFlag=NO&prod_id=YPT5V%2fXAC&prod_path=%2fConsumer+Products%2fTV,+Video+%26+Audio%2fDigital+Products%2fYepp&selTab=Specifications”]

There are some mp3 players that only have a capacity of 128mb and have a large price tag. Im not in need of getting one straight away but Ill get something like the Benq Joybee 150 (256mb, usb 2.0)(http://www.benq.ca/english/wm/front/benqmain.asp?MenuHead=138&ShowType=program&FileURL=product.asp&model=JB150&dataid=10610&GenMenu=&RootId=undefined or the creative muvo 2 > http://www.creative.com/products/welcome.asp?cat=3

If your going to pick the creative one, choose muvo and not the tx model, it uses a AAA battery and wastes pretty quicky.

That Samsung yepp (YP-910GS) that ruski mentioned is the same one that I have, and I have no complaints. However, you said you didn’t want anything too big so I think this one might not be the one for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the xen has got to be the best looking mp3 around. Up to 512Mb, FM radio, direct mp3 encoding, firmware upgradable etc. etc.

Looks like someone is hooked to hilary duff :stuck_out_tongue:

bah, i had a mp3 player once, but since i bought a sony MD i wouldn’t buy another mp3 player again.

can record, light, small, 1 niMH batt (for ~60h-80h of playback, ~10h recording).


  • zoddo


i bought ipod 20gb [4G] I must say, I highly recommend it to you.
I had 2 options before, one is ipod the other one is creative touch… amazon is taking a preorder now for creative touch, but I finally bought ipod because the quality has been proved.

Trust me iPod is really great, navigating thru songs is just comfortable, easy to learn and understand, unlike some mp3 players outthere they are too difficult to learn.

The only drawback is the price, i think it’s overpricef.

That one looks like a copy off of the orginal iPod design.

Speaking of which, I think that you should get an iPod MTSoul!