A Poem

The lima bean of indifference is slow to comprehend the puzzling owl-foot in the moonlight. The pirate flag waves proudly over the jelly-filled muffin of the holiday spirit, but in how many ways can the breeze tickle the seven iguanas who enjoy playing pickup sticks? When the happy thimble of pattern baldness dances a tap dance, large leopard print badgers enjoy the snorkel-songs and contemplate swiss cheese.

I hate to poem bash… but it seems to be more in prose than poetry. Brilliant peace, worthy along side the great poets of Rhoetke (sp?), Poe, Rev. Ferguson, and old man Kirupa. In response, I will compose a few pieces of poetry.

  • Haiku
    The dove looks afar
    from the old oak tree he dives,
    to the sky he soars.

  • Iambic Tetrameter w/ rhyme scheme


The man who sees the sun arise,
bares witness as the shadow dies.
He comes to see the truth of life,
is nothing but eternal strife.

  • Couplet (2)

The shadow comes forth, with arms open wide,
in it’s terrible splendor, we must all confide.

The sky is gaurded by a beacon above,
it’s eternal power, a mortal’s love.

Just wrote these and they are a bit on the sketchy side, not exactly my best of pieces, but most of those are a bit longer and free verse :P.