Haikus anyone?

anyone has the time to do some haikus?

most popular haiku is probably from fight club:

“workerbees can leave,
even drones can fly away,
the queen is their slave”

altough this is not a real haiku
(a haiku is normaly a sequence of sentences with 5-7-5 syllables)
this is a quite interesting and creative job…

anyone open for haiku?

so it’s not a haiku because…? I thought something being a haiku relied only on it having 5-7-5 syllables?

This is a haiku
with seventeen syllables
I think it is cool.

My bird cannot fly
she speaks english very well
her wings have been clipped.

I went to the park
and had lost my cheese sandwich
now I can’t find it.

This forum has its
Sixteen year olds who really
Piss me off sometimes.


Fat *** Cartman was
Not on the school bus today
What a big fat ****

Can I say that? :slight_smile:

No you can’t use that
since it’s not original
please try again, kit.


I saw a crowbar
It tasted rusty and old
It needed some salt


fester found crowbar
slammed it in some dudes neck pipe
limp body hit floor

Handed it to phil
to avoid prosecution
went back to the woods

My cat eats anything
He once ate a white golf ball
I hope that he dies

I’m pretty sure the line’s cannot run on :sure:

*Originally posted by fester8542 *
**fester found crowbar
slammed it in some dudes neck pipe
limp body hit floor **
****, you’re twisted.

I do not know why
I continue to come here
I think I should stop



Whoa, thanks for those rules man …

In the words of Strong Bad: “No idea what were doin. None.”

*Originally posted by thoriphes *
******, you’re twisted. **

I try :wink: :beam:

Pretty blue-gray sky,
Come rain down upon all girls
Wearing white tee-shrits


That’s better! …

Stupid ISP
Gives me low speed internet
Country service sucks