A quick psychological test

apparently, this can help determine whether you are a psychopath (as if you didn’t know)

This is a genuine psychological test.

It is a story about a girl. Whilst at the funeral of her own mother,
she met this guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing. She believed him to be her dream guy so much that she fell in love with him there and then. Then she didn’t see him again…

A few days later the girl killed her own sister.

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister?

i’ll provide the answer after YOU answer it

Who needs a motive to kill your sister?

To see if the bloke turned up at the sisters’ funeral?

That’s gotta be the heaviest crush ever!

maybe the girl was a proffessional murderer and the man at the funeral has nothing to do with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

So come on, tell us the answer. Are we all psychos? :slight_smile:

Because any way you “slice” it…

Killing family members can make Christmas alot cheaper

Wait, you need a motive to kill your sister? My guess is she just did it for kicks. It had nothing to do with the guy. She wanted to see what her sisters spleen looked like…


you got it all wrong…

the girls murdered the mother together.
Later then, her sister begun to have second thoughts and was planning to tell to the policeman (the man) at her mother´s funeral.
So she have to stole the policeman, keeping him from meet her sister, faking a crush on him.
When she got the oportunity she killed her sister, and now she is the only heir to her mother´s fortune. Happy her:)


after all those answers… i’m sure the term psycho needs to be broadened…

Kitiara: i’m afraid you think like psychopath

apparently this question was posed to jailed criminals and (i forget the percentage) the psychotic murderers statistical answer was always:

to get to see the bloke again in the funeral…

now, i found 2 flaws with this whole argument…

the psychologist who devised the test must have known the right answer in order to be able to classify somebody as ‘psychotic’ therefore HE must have thought like a psychopath!

and secondly, if the guy in the test was present at the mother’s funeral, and he was going to be present at the sister’s funeral… he must have known the family or had some connection!! you just don’t turn up at stranger’s funerals…

seeing him again at the funeral does not guarrantee that he’;ll take any notice of her! it wuld have been easier to contact him…

PS i failed the test, btw: i’m ok

her sister was a terrorist, and had to be stopped… also, she had an uncontrolable affliction for bacon-flavored easy cheese, a product which the man’s employer manufactures using artificial nutrients and hormone injected swine.

mmmmm…spppllleeennnn covered in bacon flavored easy-cheese fortified with hormone injected swine.

licks Lips

I think that she killed her sister because she obviously had a red car, and red is symbolic for crazyness and the shoe was upside down with the steak (which didnt have salt).

Therefore its easy to conclude that the monkey smoking the cigar who was sitting on the mattress at her apartment was in on the whole thing, lets face it monkeys are devious.

ALso the clown wearing the pink tu tu also was in on it because clowns scare me.

She then killed her sister while playing russian Tic Tac Toe (a variation to russian roulette) and she lost.

Its simple as that.!

Honestly Ray…you scare me.

The Clown was wearing a purple tu-tu…it wasn’t pick. And it was Russian Hollywood Squares, not tic-tac-toe.

Ohhh!! Ok., that makes sense cause i was wondering why the trapeze people sang Kumbya.

lol =)

i scare lots of people but only becacue im the king of absurity =)

lets face it monkeys are devious.

I don’t think anyone can argue with that, there’s a song about it so it must be true.
“monkeys are bad people” by Logan Whitehurst, you can get it from mp3.com

Ti harasho paruski?

100% certifiable cyclepath =)

it seems i’ve opened a can of worms here… but i can’t turn back, so i must add my bit:

i am stunned that nobody picked up on the fact that the shoe-cake served at the funeral by the monkey in the clown suit (yes, thats right: the monkey IS the clown!) was heavily doused with a dean r koontz type of mind controlling drug which affects everybody execpt the hyperintelligent child with the heart-wrenching handicap and his faithful human-like dog, which invariably save everybody in the end. however, on this occassion, the dog helped itself to some of the shoe-cake - a terrible mistake - and was later reported to have been spotted catching a flight to amsterdam accompanied by a long-legged bird of some description, thus it was unable to assist the hyperintelligent child who got stuck in the toilet cavity (this happens a lot to thin-hipped people) and ended up being flushed through the soil pipe into the atlantic with such force as to cause a sizeable hole in the husk of an oil tanker which subsequently capsized off the coast of spain, leaving the sleepy town in the hands of the monkey in the clown suit, who - as established earlier - is devious by nature. the details of the deeds the monkey carried out on those greedy shoe-cake infested people are far too taboo to post in a flash forum, but you’ll none-the-less be glad to know that they had no bearing on the protagonist’s sister’s death sometime later. all i can say is that soon the population of the sleepy town increased by 3%, and the new generation was, erm, let’s just say ‘very much in touch with nature’.

the answer was in the girl all along. or rather, in the girl’s ancestry. yes, that’s right: the girl’s grandparents (as were all our grandparents) were monkeys! as discovered by charles darwin! by proxy, this makes her naturally devious enough to conceive said murder.

and now, to tie some loose ends:

1 the monkey in the clown suit was the girl’s grandfather (although that is pretty obvious) who had gotten all upset (understandably) because of his dauther’s death (that’s the girl’s mother in the first funeral) and taken to the illegal practice of shoe-cake baking with the intent to poison and molest (because such is the nature of monkeys)

2 the man in the funeral was an astral projection from a completely different story. he had no idea of what he was doing there and was quite annoyed at the fact that he had meant to be somewhere else entirely and not in a sleepy, best-selling paperback type of town. becasue of the shoe-cake intoxication, the dead mother’s girl with the ape ancestry (although we shouldn’t laugh at that, because our own grandparents were hairy and devious, as pointed out) believed that the astral projection was in fact a man of very beautiful qualities (when in truth, his name is colin and he’s quite drab) and cause this whole mess.

the sleepy town may yet press charges against colin for ‘break-in and appearance’

next week: shoe-cake recepies from the voodoo chef

thank you

Never mind monkeys and mid altering hallucinogenic substances.

It’s been confirmed that I’m a psychotic here. I have issues, obviously buried deep within my subconscious that could lead me to lash out and kill my sister. If I had one. Which I don’t. I might shout at somebody though, and woe to anyone then…

Is there a smilie for a psycho?:crazy: Guess this is the closest I’ll get…

PS: I am not or monkey. Nor have I fraternised with any or dressed them in clown outfits.