a quick question about Vue

If you have, I was wondering what your experiences with it has been, especially compared to any other framework/library you’ve used. I started looking into it as a comparison to some internal library and some things about it are very similar, and others frustratingly different. Vue promotes itself as being really easy, but I don’t find it any more easy than react, or even angular for that matter (ok, maybe easier than angular for the simple stuff… but I guess its hard to judge when you already know one thing and not the other).

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I found this to be the case with Vue as well. There are nice things about it, but it does not seem as easy as everyone is saying it is.

I took a project at work that is currently written in Backbone and ported it to Vue, React, and an internal React-like library we’ve developed. Vue was my least favorite of those implementations. My favorite, to my surprise, was the internal library (React between the two). So of course they stopped developing it :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m still maintaining the React version which we’re using to prototype new features and show off in demos etc.

Not sure why I didn’t also do an Angular version. I guess no one cared about Angular whereas we had already teams working in the three other libraries I mentioned.

One of the big things about Vue that made it difficult for me to work with was lack of support for fragments. Both our internal library and React supports them, but Vue does not. This made it extremely difficult at times to recreate the DOM that was expected for the project.

At this point I guess I’m fully on board the React train. There are things that bug me about React, too, though. For example class needs to be className and style needs to be an object. You’re trying to look like HTML, React, why not act like it? Sometimes I just want to paste in HTML and have it work (which it would in our internal library).

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