Anyone use Vue?

If you have, I was wondering what your experiences with it has been, especially compared to any other framework/library you’ve used. I started looking into it as a comparison to some internal library and some things about it are very similar, and others frustratingly different. Vue promotes itself as being really easy, but I don’t find it any more easy than react, or even angular for that matter (ok, maybe easier than angular for the simple stuff… but I guess its hard to judge when you already know one thing and not the other).

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It’s my first and only front-end framwork, for now, so I can’t really compare it to anything else. I didn’t like how poluted my HTML became because of it, I was aways under the impression that I was doing something wrong, probably was.

Overall I found it very easy to get, although I never really mastered it.

I fiddle with Vue quite a bit, and I like it a lot. I switch between it and React depending on the situation. I like React for slightly larger codebases that multiple people will be working on. I like Vue for situations where I don’t want to rearchitect the entire app to suit React’s (or Angular’s) programming style.

Another one you may want to look into is Preact, but that is more in the React camp in terms of how you approach building your app :slight_smile:

@Jonny_Silva That’s interesting that you started with it. How long have you been using it? So far I haven’t found my HTML templates getting too complicated. They’re even a little less verbose than what I was using before given that control statements are attributes rather than separate tags.

One thing that bothers me is organization of the options object for a Vue component. data, components, props, computed, methods… This is where I’m struggling most since I lack familiarity with that structure, even though it seems to ultimately maps to a class definition (so why not just let me write a class?).

The .vue loader is nice, though - that marko-esque encapsulation of component view template, logic, and style all in one place.

But I guess I’m most afraid of dealing with the Vuex store I’ll need. And this is a standard problem with flux (as I understand it) - the tedious wrapping of operations in mutations/actions. This is something the internal library I’ve used nicely abstracts away and I fear I’ve been spoiled by it :wink: .

@kirupa Have you done anything in Vue you can share? Anything educational?

I can’t even find you on JSFiddle, I call BS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha! Unfortunately, nothing that I posted publicly. The things I created were part of me fiddling with stuff at work. None of it is top-secret or unsharable. I’ll be on vacation for a week, but I’ll try to post them once I get back :stuck_out_tongue: