With React-related content mostly done, what framework shall I write about next? I was thinking Vue. What do you all think?!! :slight_smile:


Vue is already easy to learn (though I find it annoying). I don’t think you’ll be adding anything by writing about it. You need to write about what people always complain about being difficult to learn, like Angular. Your explanation of Redux was really good. If you can do something like that for Angular, you might have a winner on your hands.


Angular is a pain! You aren’t making my job easy haha :stuck_out_tongue:


In defense of Vue, it seems to be the new hotness right now. We had a team here recently convert over to Vue and I heard that they like it, but I was going through some of their code and it was largely incomprehensible. That could just be me, though :upside_down_face:


I am seeing more new projects going the React or Vue route. Given how old Angular is, it is still popular, but I am not sure if they are setting the world on fire at this point. Also, I still hate Angular haha.


I think Angular gives a bad first impression but gets better the more you get into it. At some point you end up thinking, yeah, this is exactly what a bunch of over-engineering computer scientists at google would do.

But if you don’t like it, don’t concern yourself with it and go Vue… or something else entirely like Aurelia


I wish Vue had something like Ionic. We’re starting to use Angular at work mostly because of Ionic, I know React have a similar tool, but Ionic seems to be more complete and there are more components available to speed things up. It’s what I’ve been told anyway, i’m working mostly on backend stuff now.


I would love to have a basic tutorial about Vue and why we should use it. You should take with you the react aspect of thinks and conclude why you would choose vue in some projects versus React in others.


I wouldn’t mind to see you Kirupa-ify some Vue tutorials. +1

@kirupa do you do your own illustrations for your tutorials and books?


Yes, I do create my own illustrations. All of them are created in Animate :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess it’s a bit early to cover Blazor but it’s a very exciting prospect for .net developers out there. Are there any other WebAssembly based frameworks that are becoming popular?


So ya still thinking that ? :thinking:

The following reminded me of this thread on K-ville.



Still am! Just a bit tricky to find the time to invest in a whole new topic while keeping up on the React changes haha.


Thats true. :laughing: