A Simple Request: Note to Flash MX Buyers

Hi all,
I have a quick favor to ask of you. If you are planning on buying Flash MX online, please buy through my site by clicking the links mentioned below. You won’t be charged any extra, but I will get a small commission.

The links for Flash MX are:
Full Version


The commission will help me in paying for the costs of maintaining the site and message board.


Is it the same with books ?? I wanted to buy that Flash Math Creativity book (FOE).
pom 0]

ooo, that sounds like a good book.

Kirupa, I’ll be sure to do so. I’ve been considering purchasing two copies at this point. An upgrade for my own Flash 5.0 Win ver., and my company will probebly get an upgrade version for the Mac. If we do, I’ll be sure to make both purchases from your links.

Thanks upuaut, I really appreciate it. Yes, Pom, it works for anything you buy via my site. The little search forms on the left of all my pages (except for the home page) enable any purchases to made via my site as well :slight_smile:

Will do, little k. Anything to help this site is definitely worth it. :slight_smile:


Hi Kirupa,

I will definetly buy it using your link. Thx for a super site.


i havent bought flash mx yet. if i get the funding i will. and i will use your links. so you get some money if i buy it.

spend it well!


I’ve just bought the book. We’ll see. I’ve just had an “avant-goût” of it.

pom 0]

Really cool footer pom! codemaster, any money I make goes into paying for hosting/ezboard fees. I make very little money via my site; and that money usually goes into buying software and such for the site :slight_smile:

I’ve just received the book !! joy excitement

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I buy lots of DVDs through Amazon, so if I do my initial search through the search box on kirupa.com do you get credit for my entire order? If so I will start every session from that search window. Just curious about that, would love to know I am supporting this site while spending money on my other hobby. =)


Hey Niann,
Absolutely! Anything purchased on amazon.com via my search box counts as something purchased directly from my site.


Ships tomorrow, April 1st, from amazon.


Does amazon give you access to a downloadable version?


Hey time2design,
I don’t belive they do. You might need to double check with them on that. I have only seen boxed versions that are supposed to be shipped…never any meant for download as on Macromedia’s site.


bought some DVDs today Kirupa, hopefully i did it right so you get the commision. :slight_smile: