I’m tired of people asking about good Flash books and then them getting the same answers all the time. Can we possible have a sticky in some forum with either good books or actual book reviews written by the members put into a forum or a thread of some sort? :slight_smile:

just give them a link to :stuck_out_tongue:

i do that everytime someone asks… gets kinda tiring :stuck_out_tongue:

*Originally posted by ahmed *
**i do that everytime someone asks… gets kinda tiring :stuck_out_tongue: **

Yeah well you will only end up giving them a link to that sticky thread everytime anyone asks as well… so either a link to or a link to that thread :wink: :wink:

Note: I think it is a good idea, but at the current rate of how effective these things are, most (if not all) members will not even look at it. If you wish to create it, then I say go for it, there are those members that will see it =)

Well… maybe a vote, among all kirupians as to their favorite 10 Flash books. Then take that list, find out the specific links to those books on amazon, and post a thread with a link to each titled something like, “Kirupian top ten Flash books”.

sounds like a plausable solution to the recurring question to me.

actually yeah… thats a good idea. Kirupa could put a link to the article on the main page… .maybe a small review of each book… then maybe people will stop asking about it…

And maybe Kirupa can even sign up for the affiliate programm and make some $$ when people actually use the link to buy one of 'em, which would be ok to help keep the site independently financed…
Most Flash sites have a books page anyway, so let’s do it.
Here goes:
All time n°1: ASDG MX by Moock. review: it’s got it all, simply the must-have for every Flasher!
n°2:Flash MX Actionscripting (MM press, D.Franklin/J.Makar): very good book about all the new AS features introduced with F MX, lots of examples with CD;
n° 3: Actionscript reference (FoED, 1000+ pages, with cd): for the comprehensive explanation of the components and their use and all the code examples.
n°4: Flash MX Savvy (Sybex): very good intro, lots of interesting details not found anywhere else (cd-rom usage…)
n°5: Foundation & Advanced PHP for Flash (FoED, 1st one not available anymore at the moment, sadly): THE book(s) to introduce you to dynamic Flash sites, everything you need to know about Flash & PHP interaction, very nice real-world examples
n°6: Byte-Size Flash MX (FoED): very informative techniques on how to keep your filesizes down, some well-known websites deconstructed & explained…get it!
n°7: Flash Math Creativity and/or Fresh Flash (FoED): if you wanna gain indepth knowledge about the new drawing API
n°8: Foundation Flash MX & Studio F MX (FoED) : for beginners, these two should get you started in no time, everything you need to get your first Flash site up & running
n°9: Foundation Actionscript & AS Studio (FoED): if you’re interested in knowing a bit more about programming your files for interactivity, get these two.
n°10: Actionscripting in Flash MX (P.Kerman, Sams): another good AS book; compare and get the one you like best…

My 2 cents:

Studio MX looks to me like it’s more than just for beginners (if we’re talking about the same book). Actually, it looks amazingly complete.

Flash Math Creativity doesn’t deal at all with the drawing API (it’s for Flash 5) :slight_smile:

Flash MX Game Design Demystified (J. Makar): Everything you ever wanted to know about games and more: basic and advanced physics (collisions, reaction…), isometrics, tile-based games, and lots of examples.