A splash page


ive made A splash page!!


It’s nice. Only problems are that you have to get rid of the borders/margins and it’s a little too big. Also I haven’t yet been told what is coming soon. Stick the site name on it. Nice work though keep it up.

this is just the jpg… i just have to put in a htm…

Looks nice. The colors are great, but I don`t know the theme of your site.
You could try to desaturate the blue on that guy jeans. :beer:

That looks awesome! Great work!

looks nice - I can see the inspiration you got from billy bussey, right?
nice work!

Inspiration, or made his copy of it?

very nice, I asy keep the size, just take away the scrollbars in dreamweaver ot w/e you use so it is neverending on any screen. No boundries :slight_smile:

Then billy bussey copy that from another one cause that effect is very old (but still looks good)

Nice job man, looks good :slight_smile:

Very nice. I hope we see you in the battle forum.

It was a little hard to read the coming soon text though.