A strange , and...so newbie q

there is a way to make a flash movie a forum?\rlike…\rto let people send msg and it will create a new\rtopic in the site… like a real forum\rand to use mdbs?

Yes there is a way.

any 1 have a guide for using dbs in flash?\ri started doin’ something that reads from about 3 text files for a msg, but then i figured that… i can’t really build something that worx on 1000 text files, and i do not know how to write into those txt

I have a book called “Server-Side Flash: Scripts, Databases and Dynamic Development” It has all kinds of cool scripts and stuff like Forums and stuff, might want to check it out. The ISBN is 0-7645-3598-6.


i have this exact tutorial on the server (at work) but the server (quelle surprise) is down… when its up again… i’ll find out where the original web page was… BUT if memory serves… you can find it on 2 places\r\r\r1) www.flashkit.com\r2) www.ultrashock.com (good site)\r\rregards\r\rKet

thanks everybody…\rthe people who wrote that he can get a book?\rtell me when:P

they don’t really give you all the php files…\rand i’m not such a php programmer…\r:P

I didn’t write the book…I just bought it a few weeks ago…it is actually intended for Flash 5…which I was running at the time. I just picked it up at Barnes and Noble…sorry if I implied it was my book…I am not that good at this flash thing for that…It was written by William B. Sanders and Mark Winstanley.