Is it possible adding a forum in flash

can anyone help me make a forum in flash???/

yes. i charge $45/hour.\r:) \rjeremy

Sinf, you are my hero. I just want you to know that. :slight_smile:

It might be possible, I have no idea how, I have never seen a forum on flash, I sugest you stick with html and java

any technology that allows you to write to the server will work. database software is preferrable, like oracle or sql.\r:) \rjeremy

There is a discussion in the Flash action script forum concerning this. There are several site links there where you can download Flash componants for creating your own forum.\r\rHOWEVER… you can’t do it unless you have at least a basic knowledge of php and mysql, and obviously a server which offers these options to you.

You might want to check out a Friends of Ed book called PHP for Flash.\r\rThe book builds up to how to create a complete forum that is all Flash and PHP.\r\rIf you have a problem with something in the book, the actual author even e-mails you back!\r\rHighly recommended. I think this is the future of Flash survivability.\r\r\rt2d

the book ‘xml in flash’ also talks about this. however, i found the book to be a waste of time as it too much time on the prototypes that the authors wrote for the xml object, rather than the built-in functions within flash.\r:) \rjeremy