A Tip on PHP forms in Flash

Hi All,

After a tough week trying to figure out why my PHP form wasn’t working inside a nested movie clip (and with a lot of help from junkerjorg)…Here’s a tip…

1/ Make sure what version of PHP is running on your server…This is critical because you need to use whatever extension the server wants… such as .php4 or just .php etc.


2/ Don’t name any of the fields in your flash form “message”…PHP seems to get very confused…Call the field ‘comments’ or something similar.

Here is a basic php script that has worked over and over. It has 3 fields

$to = "[email protected]";

$msg .= "Attention: Your Company Web Site Contact.

$msg .= "Name: " . $HTTP_POST_VARS[“name”] . "
$msg .= "Email: " . $HTTP_POST_VARS[“email”] . "
$msg .= "Subject: " . $HTTP_POST_VARS[“subject”] . "
$msg .= "Comments: " . $HTTP_POST_VARS[“comments”] . "
mail($to, $HTTP_POST_VARS[“name”], $msg, "From Your Company Group Web Site.
Reply-To: ". $HTTP_POST_VARS[“email”] . "

Print “status=Information sent.”;

[COLOR=Red]And here is the submit button action script:[/COLOR]

on (press) {
if (name eq “” or email eq “” or subject eq “” or comments eq “”) {
} else {
loadVariablesNum(“yourscript’sname.php”, 0, “POST”) ;
_root.gotoAndStop(5); [COLOR=Red](if you want it this is a “Your message has been sent” frame…if not delete this line)[/COLOR]


Anyhow I hope this helps someone out there…Kudos to Kirupa!!