Aaarrgh images

why doesn’t it work when i try to put images in my posts. does it have to be a specific type of file??? please help me.

[IMG]your image here[/IMG]

make sure to use http://

i do. and by the way there’s an image in your post that didn’t work. or maybe it’s my computer.

I told ya, geocities doesn’t let you link to images :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:

if you are goign to use a image in geocities, give it a .txt extension

mm but i’ve tried many different sites. i think the problem was my computer.

yes, just as i suspected. something wrong with my computer.

instead of a . gif … change it to .txt.

i think the problem was quicktime since i installed it a couple days ago. can you all see the picture of link in my post

*Originally posted by Alex *
**if you are goign to use a image in geocities, give it a .txt extension **

i mean not that post but the one with link on it

you HAVE to change the extension of the geocities picture to

<B>your file name.txt</B>

other wise it wont work, i repeated this many times
nothing is wrong with your computer.

yes but if i do that then it won’t work because my computer will think it’s a text file. anyway i tried on several different free hostiong sites bravenet, gizba and brinkster, and it didn’t work on any of them. and on top of all that i’ve yused geocities for this before.

it should work, im not sure why its not.

this one worked before

its not going to work unless its a txt file though…

if you right click on them thewn go to show picture they work

maybe .html file are the answer

happy smilie yay