About the PHP-Flash Form

The “[FONT=Arial][COLOR=#003366]Flash-Based[/COLOR][COLOR=#003366] Email Form Using PHP[/COLOR][/FONT]” do not work correctly…

After a few weeks i found the answer…

At the stage we have a MovieClip called “Form”; And inside it we have
3 Dynamic TextFields with an specific Var Name for each one [and the var
Name is not the TextField Name].

So, at Flash we have 3 TextFields:

TextFIeld2: the var name is: “name”
TextField3: the var name is: “email”
TextField4: the var name is: “message”

Then our php script must to call them, with the Same Var Name:
The function to call the flash´s vars is [COLOR=deepskyblue]$_POST[/COLOR][COLOR=blue][[/COLOR][COLOR=red]‘var_name’[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]][/COLOR];

So, to call them we must to respect the var´s name like this:

$my_var1= $_POST[‘name’];
$my_var2= $_POST[‘email’];
$my_var3= $_POST[‘message’];

Otherwise, the php vars will not have any content…

Besides you can add more TextFields. Usually we must to.

At Flash:

TextField1: var name: “my_flash_var1”
TextField2: var name: “my_flash_var2”
TextField3: var name: “my_flash_var3”
TextField4: var name: “my_flash_var4”
TextField5: var name: “my_flash_var5”
TextField6: var name: “my_flash_var6”
TextField7: var name: “my_flash_var7”

Then, the php script:

$my_var1= $_POST[‘my_flash_var1’];
$my_var2= $_POST[‘my_flash_var2’];
$my_var3= $_POST[‘my_flash_var3’];
$my_var4= $_POST[‘my_flash_var4’];
$my_var5= $_POST[‘my_flash_var5’];
$my_var6= $_POST[‘my_flash_var6’];
$my_var7= $_POST[‘my_flash_var7’];

I hope this Help!