About The SpaceX Careers Page


I’m just fascinated by this career page and think it would be very cool to work there as a software engineer. I would like to quote this from the page:

Write code that autonomously pilots our vehicles in space, simulates countless flight scenarios, translates petabytes of data, performs computational fluid dynamics, and more.


It is really cool that you can actually write code that pilots a vehicle ?

Meh, sounds like minimum wage

That big data stuff is all number crunching and doesn’t sound that fun. I always fall asleep in those talks at conferences. But the idea behind it sounds cool.

I talked to a couple of guys who worked at NASA and they really liked their jobs. If I remember right, they were doing less critical stuff, but also more exploratory and experimental which seems to be where all the fun is.

Hey Millad,

When you find yourself inspired like this; I’d encourage you to do what you can to make it happen! Even though it’s probably best to focus on journey before destination, I’ve found that it can help a little bit to have some destination to avoid an aimless journey.

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Well said. Totally agree!