New look of

Just wanted to say that I like the new look of the

Haha! You were noticing them as I was making the changes live :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you like it! There is still a bunch of tweaks to do, fix the mobile version, and then carry over the relevant pieces over to the forums. The biggest reason I wanted to do this was to enable theming in the future. The whites and grays were starting to get a bit boring :scroll:

I must have been seeing those as well…

Pro tip: “Hot off the forums” links to , which doesn’t seem right. And wow, the forum link has changed a bunch in the past ~1-2 hours.

Just fixed that. I still need to revise and link to the “About” page, for that hasn’t been live for quite some time. The “New Content” link also needs to go to an actual destination, so that is another page that I need to create shortly.

In hindsight, I probably went live with this probably sooner than I should have, but that’s the fun of live editing on a running server :crazy_face:

The hot tub time machine made me realize that its slightly reminiscent of a decade ago in varied ways.

True to the roots. :book: :smirk2:

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Indeed! Some of these ideas go even further back, the solid header especially. The site was born in the 90’s. It will remain there :moyai:

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I now have the mobile version mostly ready to go. There are some missing animations here and there, and the sliding menu needs a dismissable area!

Ooh la la! It’s very clean, I like it. Also the actual hamburger for the hamburger menu is clever. Hopefully people can figure it out.

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The number of people who browse this site on mobile is extremely small, but I will add a little help arrow in the near future to clarify that the hamburger menu is meant to be clicked on :stuck_out_tongue: