Big Forum Problem!

Hye kirupa,

The buttons at the top that are ‘User cp’, ‘Register’, ‘Calendar’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Search’, and ‘Home’ are not linked right because they are trying to get the pages from the old board…just thought you would want to know, I was attempting to change my footer and I noticed!

Wait a minute? So when you type you don’t see the forums? Are you seeing a temporary page from my new server? Because, when I enter, I am simply seeing the forums. I guess the DNS servers have not updated on the east coast yet.

I’ll try to have that fixed soon once I can access the new host. Then I’ll install VB on there and have all the current settings and posts hopefully installed…that should solve the linking problems.

Kirupa :bandit:

Well Phil, here is the good thing. No more brian. I’m finally completely switching to a different company with extremely good service. I have never seen more helpful people running things at Web host. I know it seems like I am propagandizing the host, but it’s really amazing that small, helpful businesses do exist!

Kirupa :asian:

When I got to I get the temp page, but then I click the link and come to the forums. The only problem with that is, when I log in through User CP it says I have an invalid name. But if I log in by clicking on a Reply to post button, I can log in fine, but I still can’t view my User CP.

Also, just another problem… You can’t search for stuff right now because it is searching from Any search turns up no results.