About your books I had a question about them

I would love to see videos that come with the book ( or at least point to a video tutorial of what you done in your books! )

Would that be in the works!! Currently I just rejoined was a huge follower of your site back in the flash days…!

Have you seen Kirupa’s YouTube channel? It doesn’t cover everything from his books, but there’s since best and topically relevant stuff there.

What Kril mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

My goal is to make videos out of everything on the site and the books, but I am extremely short on time at the moment. In a few months, I’ll be focusing on kirupa.com full time. I’m hoping to significantly increase the speed at which I post new content like videos!

Every so often I check on your site so glad you’re moving towards React… Than React Native hopefully!!

Very likely…I think haha.

Some of the possible future topics: React Native, Angular, and shorter articles on a bunch of smaller frameworks/libraries so that people are aware of what they are :stuck_out_tongue: