Just saw that Kirupa is still alive


I was visiting kirupa.com regular 10-15 years ago. When I switched from Flash to JS I forgot about the site. Now I’m switching from Angular and React and who has the best reading stuff about ReactJS? Kirupa.com of course, like in the old AS3 days. I really like the writing style of the tuts and articles.
So nothing really to say, besides THANK YOU for all the great content.


10-15 years ago? That’s even earlier than I used the site haha.

Glad you found the site again! :stuck_out_tongue:


These days I am pretty much involved in back-end development only. And kirupaForum is mostly JS and AS3. So nothing much to do here except hanging out once in a while ;(


haha ;:wink: same for me !


Glad that I stay away from the backend stuff :wink:


I haven’t done back-end programming in such a long time, that I wouldn’t even know where to begin these days. The front-end is where it is at!!!



Obviously you would do it with JavaScript :upside_smile:


I don’t know back end or front end. I guess that puts me somewhere in the middle.


This sounds like a good set up for a crude joke.


I was going to make one, but decided on some meaningless blabber instead.


wow how old are you