Action script ...learning


I am working in web designing from last 3 year.
i have made some flash work but i am not satisfied with that all Bcoz with actionscript (I think) u never give more intractive work.

I have working on iterbediate lavel…but finally i swith to learn javscript and c lang…to know the basic of object oriented Programming…is the the correct way to learn Actionscript…or I am going work…if there is another easy way…please suggets me…

Amyanet 1

javascript is on the road to actionscript. You learn javascript and actionscript will be a breeze. Once you start getting into it, just go online and find a bunch of .fla files you can download and learn from - check the tutorials and learn techniques of how to use actionscript to do whatever it is you need it to do.


one thing that is so helpful with languages like PHP and AS is the fact that there are tons of tutorials and referneces over the internet to make learning a breeze.


And if you don’t like online tutorials, go to a bookstore like Barnes and Noble or Borders - or even buy a book online that teaches you AS. The materials for learning this are enormous.