Action script: text hellp!

Hi i need a bit of help. im using the flash mx action script text animation tutorial and i am trying to alter it slightly with my own text and sequencing

My main problem is that i want to create 2 seperate forms of text (that use the same loading line, as opposed to several as in the tutorial) which will be faded into the next and loaded in a loop cycle (after each sequence has been loaded)

eg first text sequence will load: “computers” then it will fade and the second text sequencewill load: “a social commentary”, fade and repeat in a cycle

how do i go about adding the fade to the end of each sequence??? and how do i make the fade appear to be a large flash

or would it be better just to include the fade after the second sequence has loaded and completed.i.e at the end (after both 1 and 2 have played through)??? instead of after the first sequence and second???

hope that makes sense…cheers

also any other suggestions to improve the movie would be grateful

thanks, stu