Action Script to Php help

Hey all-

I’ve been using this script for awhile and I always have the same problem.

Its a standard email form, it sends a automated respose to the user pretty basic. But here’s the problem, all the fields work fine expect the main message field. It won’t display more than one line in the email that it sends to me or the client. Here’s an example:

If the user types this in the field:

"Hi im interested in one of your
products can you send me some
more info"

All I get in the email is this:

"Hi im interested in one of your

Sometimes it does work and I get the whole message, but most of the time it doesn’t, and if the user hits enter to go to the next line it will never work,
any thoughts?

here’s my action script
here’s my php script
here’s one of the sites

Thanks all, any help would be GREAT!!

try escaping the comment field before sending it to php.



fantastic design though.

Thanks amitgeorge, and Thanks for the complement, I’ll take a look at that. Not sure what that is but I’ll have my tech look at it, Sorry not a scripting guy very right brained :pleased: