ActionScript Book?

Do you recommend buying the AS book out my Macromedia?

if you know nothing about AS, it’s a good book. If you have any
decent experience, it’s probably not worth it to you.

Oh… well I have no experience with it at all… Will this book teach my advanced stuff so I can make a lot of stuff?

If you search most people say colin moocks definitive guide or something. Although i never use books so i don’t know…

If I remember correctly from paging through that at a local bookstore, there really isn’t anything in there that you can’t easily learn from and I think it is mainly basics. You’ll learn stuff if you don’t know anything about actionscript, but you might as well just learn the ropes from here and (, etc.) but if you have the cash and you’d rather learn from a book then maybe that would be an alright option. I’ve heard lots of good things about Colin Moocks (spelling?) “Actionscript: the definitive guide” but I don’t know if that book is for beginners or not. So I hope my indecisive not-so-much-of-an-answer helped. :thumb:

If it’s anything like the one for Flash 5, you are probably better off with the help files.

Actionscript: The Definitive Guide (MX) by Colin Moock I hear is a must have for all Flashers (if I had the money I would own it), although I hear it’s more of a reference guide than a how to book.

I don’t own, nor have I read any Flash books so I can’t really recommend anything.

14 day free test drive for those books here:

…gotta have a CC, but you can cancel at the end of the free time…

…personally I think it’s worth the subscription, so I keep it open

RelandR, I’ve been thinking about opening a subscription there…

Thanks guys, I’ll look into that book. :slight_smile: