[Actionscript-Guru's] Please give a beginner advice on the best actionscript book

The title speaks for itself, I just need something to get me going in the right direction. the current actionscript books I have are mainly for forms and math equations. I need something to unlock the mysteries (I’ll take it from there)

Anything by the Friends of Ed. They are the best Flashers on Earth.

There is no secret grasshopper… there is only work.

Flash is alike to a religion… it’s not so much a matter of mysteries but discipline. Do tutorials online, with a google search you can find literaly hundreds. Do them. Ask questions when something doesn’t work. Try out alterations based upon answers… learn…

That is so true, and part of the reason I haven’t used any books thus far. Although I am thinking about getting a book to learn this Math stuff, it is a pain…haha.

Ok where are some of the more beginner friendly sites who provide actionscript tutorials. (where did you guys go to learn in the beginning)

Of course,

www.kirupa.com is where I mainly go.

<U>sometimes I check out…</U>

<U>Good info on Arrays-</U>

And of course their is the AS Reference guide supplied with Flash MX. It also can be found on www.macromedia.com. This is only of course if you have to patience to guess and check what things do and figure it out for yourself (this was my method, I tend to take the difficult way out).

Well hell, with a signature like you have That will be my way also thanks so much

Just beware, my method is very time consuming and can get frustrating if you can’t figure out how something works.

I still do check out tutorials at some of the sites listed above to get the idea of how to implement certain actions.

Something else: you have to wonder whether you want to learn Flash to build a site, or if you want to find inspiration for your scripts…

pom :asian:

OOOO, good tip Ilyas. I focus my flash on script instead of Site Design because I can’t draw for diddly in Flash (no clue why, I just can’t). Since Site Design uses somewhat different interactive scripting you might want to choose a method before you start learning.

weird… I posted a reply yesterday and it was deleted.

3 books

Actionsript the Definitive Guide (dont think there is an MX version yet) Good reference book.

Visual Flash Actionscript (Excellent, quick read, fast learn! awesome… dont know if there is a flash MX version yet)

Flash Actionscripting (Greatest explanations on every MX topic)

However, it is your dedication that will make you good; These books will only help

I agree with Montoya on the book recomendations. Those are all pretty good reads. The Flash5.0 Bible also contains a lot of really good newbie resource material.

As for myself. I gained most of my knowledge so far from asking people in this forum, and flashkit.com, answers to particular questions. I certainly have done my share of reading on the subject now… but when I was just learning this stuff it was all question and answer.