Best book?

Ok,i decided to start learning actionscript and now i’m considering about getting a book.

Which is the book a newbie actionscripter should get?

if you are just learning basic actionscript, do not get a book. do the tutorials on this site, or any other site, and ask questions. Once you have the basics then I suggest you get a book. Colin Moock “The Definative Guide” is one of the best, but you don’t need this book if you are just starting out. I am picking up Flash Math Creativity this week, but again, its not really a book that is for beginning actionscripters…just my advice…

Totally agree with Jubby. Don’t buy a book, chances are you won’t understand a thing and be discouraged.
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on the other hand, books could be the way forward for you. Lets face it where would the world be without books!

Of course, but according to my personnal experience, websites are the perfect (and cheapest) way to start. Then you can buy all the books you want. Personally, the first and only book I bought was that Flash Math Creativity book.

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I do see you’re point pom, I think I throw money around far to often…

So do I! 6 Friends of ED books, a few others…hmm…
My favorite is still Flash 5 Studio, you get a bit of everything.
Waiting still for the new order on the MX book…

I have 2 PHP books, 8 Flash books, 2 SQL books, 3 C++ books, and i have read about 1 of each…time = money and money = time