Actionscript viewers

I went to check this out:

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but I read about these programs that enable anyone from stealing you swf files, breaking it down and rearranging things so they can use them for their own site.

Have any of you guys used any of these progs? What do you think about them?

I use some, not this one but the freeware FlashToolSet (extracts ressources : ) and SWF Scanner ([url=“”] ) to see the scripting, i use these for learning purposes, if i see something i like and i can’t figure out how it’s done, i try to get it in the browser’s cache and have a look inside. Why else would anyone use these? :slight_smile:
Ways to avoid having people take your swf’s appart exist:
1/use loadMovie and name the loaded-in content anything you want; by that i mean, change the file extension (swf) to s’thing else like jpg or gif or whatever, Flash doesn’t care (apparently, haven’t tried yet as i do no payed-for work in Flash)
2/there’s a post on Flashkit about some code to insert into your swf that will disable the viewing by such software, haven’t tried that either for the same reasons. If you can’t find it, i have this code saved s’where…over the rainbow…