Actionscriting Book

hi there,
i am a interactive designer but really interesting in scripting. but i really dont know anything about scripting…other then the basic and looking for a books which will help to learn AS from the basic to advance and help me to become a professional Action scripter. please guys help me to find the right book. Any one other they who who is willing to help me?

Well I did quite a bit amount of scripting and I am still doing it. The book I used was very helpful and well learnt so much may be you can try it.

ActionScripting in Flash MX by Philip Kerman.

Good Luck

a decent basic to intermediate book: SAMS Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours by Gary Rosenzweig

well… well there we go … now me confused… :S …
hay i can’t affor to buy all of them… i will be fully bankrupt. common dude… you guys are experties can’t suggest the best one? :)…


they’re all great, I’d suggest going to your local bookstore and reading the first couple of pages of all of them and see which one sounds the best for your level and who’s humor and way of talking is most fun to read in your taste :slight_smile:

There have been lots of posts about books already :slight_smile:
My only advice: don’t buy booksthat are called “Flash MX in 10 lessons”, or “Teach yourself Flash in 5 minutes”, they’re usually bad.