Add/Edit/Del Forums

Hey everyone,
Sintax proposed a new forum for Photoshop, and I was wondering if anybody would object to having that section added? Also, should Web Development be renamed to Client Side? Should Cool and Useful sites be axed, for all site suggestions will be added to the main site’s Resources section:

Also, if any of you have any other modifications, renamings, etc. for the individual forums, feel free to post them here.

Kirupa :cool:

What would be the difference between the Photoshop section and the Drawing and Design section?

I think you should keep it as “Web Development”

And to be honest, I never go in the cool and useful sites section of the forum.

That’s my .02.

I was thinking about a hardware section… (?) :-\

Dunno, just seems appropriate with all the hardware q’s in random (well we have SOME :slight_smile: )

Just to clean up the random a bit…

We should add a sticky in random with update news to the boards, like new sections etc. so people know…

I agree with everything lost said ( :love: )
And hardware? I don’t know, are there really hardware-related questions on the forum?

they appear sometimes in random… it was just a suggestion :slight_smile:

It’s just so we actually HAVE a place for it :slight_smile: