Add grunginess!

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I want to add grunge to that.
I’ve so many tutes and all, nothing helped.

Please, anyone have spare time to grungify that pic?

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I don’t see any grunge man. Do it yourself.
Go to

he was asking you to do it grinch.

I agree though. Read some tuts. Practice and learn.

Sweep the floor with da brushes!

Google “Photoshop brushes”

grunge is one of the easiest things to half-*** and have come out looking at least reasonable (which is why everyone does grunge). just get some grunge brushes and click away. and i agree with the above posts, if you want to learn quick, read a tut, grunge tuts are short, it’ll take 5 minutes to learn (if that).


hahaha, that’s mean

about 5 minutes - had to sort through my brushes…

seriously tons of tuts on this…

man i love prstudios !! (no offense ethan !! i like your too) but pr’s to me just stands out with a fine a$-$ classic look :beam:

nice work !! :thumb:


thanks yo

(:stuck_out_tongue: ETHAN!!!)


whoa nice work guys!! those are so cool. i wish i could do that!!
i tried some tutorials, but im not that good with photoshop, so theyre not a great help. well, i’ll go try some more.

I wish I had a tutorial on how to apply grunge brushes. I never took the time to make one. Maybe I’ll make one.

Runs to notepad


ya! go reefster…make a tute on that, i’ll be the first to read it!

Lol I can’t make a tutorial on how to apply your grunge brushes on a image :puzzle:?

All you do is select a brush, click and change blend/opacity?

Sort of hard to explain. But I will be making a tutorial on how to grunge up edges to make it seem like the image is worn out and ripped :thumb: (only if DDD is too lazy or doesn’t want to do it :P).

I wish I had a tutorial on how to apply grunge brushes. I never took the time to make one. Maybe I’ll make one.

Runs to notepad

Comon anybody who opens up PS knows how to apply a brush ? Besides that new ‘trend art’ tut helps.

That’s what I’m saying - It’s hard to make a tutorial on how to apply a brush.

Read my last post…select and click…whew I think you broke a sweat?

can anyone give me a direct link to a tutorial that shows how to apply grunge effects on a photo?

Seriously though, that’s a thing even a photoshop noob can do. It’s like learning how to breath. Or beat your heart. It’s friggin natural. Do what sharif told; select a brush, select a blending option, select an opacity and apply the brush…

If you have a set of many brushes; go through them using [ and ]…

OMG! Although what they told you was already simple. Here man, this is the way it used to be done B4 ppl couldn’t figure it out and they had to make them into brushes.

This is just as simple as changing brushes but maybe you can follow this one:

  1. Pick ANY image (ie a forest scence)
  2. Image>Adjustment>Threshold

BAM there you go instant grunge, adjust the layer opacity etc. This is the best way as grunge brushes are to standard and this way you’ll never get the same thing twice.

Tricks of the trade son.

BTW you should have at least gave it a shot yourself. Lame :td: :td:

edit: BTW this is used all over the place, if you look closely at I think the movie the score or something like that, you’ll see a scenery :wink: there have been others I’ve seen. Anytime you see a movie poster w/ grunge it in take a look at it closely… you’ll look at it in a whole different light.