Add grunginess!

That grunge is so sharp - that’s not grunge!

I only told you the technique. You still have to adjust it. Photoshop is only a tool and shouldn’t have to do everything for you

Oh right - I forgot you can edge blur and stuff.

Slaps Self


PR… I didn’t even try… pfft:P

lol - whats he mean “he had to use mine”

my friggin name is in the middle of it -

id like to see where it was used :smiley:

click the link on the first post in this thread

Hey loser where’s the original pic? I’ll grunge it up for you.

excuse me? loser?

Lol for a second I forgot that was his username :P.

You did put it in your username no?

well yah :mu:

haha. Bill you funny.

And you can’t take PRs work and edit his name out of it.

lol. I couldn’t resist. Where’s the original pic? Give it up!

O that’s PR’s picture? :pirate3:

first page has the links

And what do you plan on doing with PRs pic?

keeping it as my profile picture (msn member directory)

Hmmm. Where the heck did you get a camera that could take a picture like that?

How about the original, original?


::goes to hunt for memory stick::

You might want to ask PR’s permission before you do anything with it.

Have you like completely forgotten what an original is and what the original picture was?

i deleted it. ill try to take the same picture.