Add images to scrollpane using actionscript

hi everyone!!! i am new here. I m stuck at one place and i really need somebody’s help to get out of there. please…

This is what i want to do :-

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Upload own graphics”
  3. A new window will open, upload ur image in that.
  4. Click on “Icon” on hexapartners page and select “Uploaded” category from combo box.
  5. You will see ur uploaded image in the scrollpane and when u click on that it will be loaded on the right side

For static images i have done as follows :-

  1. Convert image to button and add on press event in it.

  2. In on press event, i added loadMovie(url,mc) so image gets added to movieclip.

  3. Then i converted this button to movieclip as i wanted to add it to a scrollpane.

  4. After that i used attachMovie() to add this movieclip to scrollpane.

For static images this works well but the problem is i dont know how to do it for dynamic images (images uploaded by users).

Thank you for any help.