Adding some text ot the photo gallery

Hi there…
I’ve done this tutorial from named “Creating a photo gallery”. It works fine, but I want to have some nice one-liners under my pictures. Is there some sort of code that I can use to add some lines in a dynamic textbox or something like that? I do not want to use a .swf file for every picture I choose. It takes way too much time to create all of that stuff and the quality of the pictures reduces a lot when you import them into flash.

Also is there some kind of code so that I can press a button for every picture. Something like photo01 or partypic03.

I have an idea about this stuff, but I don’t know how to write it in flash… I’m kinda like an AS noob…

You could use some sort of counter that starts with 1 at the first picture and everytime you press next -=> +1. So if you are @ picture 33 the counter is @ 33. If you click on the button “12” the counter goes to 12 and load picture 12 and the text for poto 12 in a dynamic text box. I dunno if it’s possible, and I dunno if it’s hard to do, but if you guys can do this please tell me how to…


This is what I was looking for. But can you combine it with the back and next buttons? I tried it but I can’t figure it out. I know I’m a noob, but plz help me… Can you send me the final example?

So can you?

search the forums…

I aready did. I can’t combine it plz help me…

Oh plz help me!!!

o.k. Code-ReD,

What exactly do you want changed from my last example.

U can find usefull example here.
His GalleryComponent is the best.

Well you have used some kickass thumbs in your last example. And you have send me an example of using the next and back buttons. What I want to have is a photo gallery using both the next & back buttons and those nice thumbs.

With the risk of being stupid (the links Inflicted gave you now are dead [ff de server opgeruimd, Inflicted?]) but in your thumbnail example just add the next and back buttons with their code.
I think Inflicted used the same function for both examples (at least I hope:h: )


Well I tried. I’m pretty stupid too you know. So can you please post the code here?

So you want thumbnails appearing whenever you click back and next buttons?
[COLOR=red]You have to realize this isn’t an swf ordering service code-red.[/COLOR]
You also have to use some of your own creativity in Flash.
I started with Flash 6 mnths ago, and with the help of many kirupans(cheers Scotty, nice avatar!)
I came as far as I am today.
(I took that example of my server, because I don’t like this guy’s attitude!)

Well sorry… I’ve started flash 3 months ago and I still dunno s*** about actionscript… I just don’t know where to start. I know I sound stupid and it’s probably annoying you, but I would really like it if you would help me one last time. I’ll try to explain it a little bit better.

I mean this: You have like 5 thumbs or something. These do not have to scroll or anything. When you press a thumb your picture and caption get loaded into the textbox and container. That worked fine with your last example! And you posted an example about those nice next and back buttons. That worked fine too! It all works fine. Hell what am I complaining about!?! :slight_smile:
What I want to do is change the current picture with the next & back buttons but also change the picture with the thumbs. So the next & back buttons should load the next or previous picture and the thumbs should directly load the picture in the container and of course the caption in the text box. So you get a combination of the next & back buttons and those nice thumbs. I hope you understand and you want to help me.

BTW I’ve done a website so I am a little bit creative. The adress is
(It’s dutch, dus ik denk dat je het wel zult begrijpen ofniet?).

I understand that, but I don’t know how to do it.

Ok well thnx for your help.

sounds better…

good luck!

Thnx! Hope I figure this out.

I need the same… I’ve made a “swf TXT-multiple varriables loader” , but i cant make it work if a I load that movie on to a main movie

also have a pack of single button (no next and previus)

may be we could help you… and me too


CoDe-Red, here’s an example, just replace the buttons for your thumbs and add pictures/text, I hope this works for you


Such a generous man, scotty.

Now can we close this thread?
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