Adobe Animate (Formerly Flash) got a nice visual refresh!

While I’ve pretty much switched to using Sketch for all of my illustrations, I have a ton of legacy content that I need to edit only in Animate. Today, when I launched it, the entire UI has been overhauled a bit:

This is really nice! I wonder when/if Dreamweaver will get some of these updates as well :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Vive la Flash !


It appears many users on the Adobe forums (a lot of discussions) feel that the writing is on the wall for Dreamweaver. Offering some pretty terse comments about its wayward development and lack of any real focus all while not really keeping up with current standards throughout the app. Look at the feature summaries of Dreamweaver over the last handful of years, its meh at best. Most of the web focused products at Adobe seem in question or disarray anymore really, with Dreamweaver seemingly leading the way.

I am not surprised, for there aren’t too many people with my workflow where they use Dreamweaver as a visual document editor that happens to also do FTP syncing:

At some point, I will need to migrate to a different workflow or (gulp!) a CMS like Wordpress.


I hope not and that Dreamweaver stays around for awhile.
I still use Dreamweaver CS6 and it serves me well.

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