Hi everyone,

Which is better:

Flash, Livemotion or SWiSH

Dreamweaver, Golive, or Frontpage

Fireworks, Photoshop, Paintshop Pro

Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDRAW, Xara X


Flash (though livemotion2, with that texture tools…).
Dr… Hum… Frontpage. Without hesitating.
Photoshop. By far.
Never used any of them (should I ?).
Well that’s my mediocre opinion. 0]

thanx for your opinion

i think Dreamweaver is easier and better than Frontpage. Photoshop is still the best as image-editing software.

You know, it all depends on what you need the software for.
The advantage of using Photoshop with Illustrator and GoLive and Premiere and After Effects and LiveMotion and and…is the integration of these tools with each other, and you become familiar with the GUI (user interface) and the menu layout. Same goes for the Macromedia range of products.
Photoshop is generally considered as THE best bitmap editing software, as is Illustrator for vectors, that’s why many programs can import/ export to their file types.
Flash seems to have established itself as the de facto swf producing tool;
Fireworks, though good and getting better, seems to lack popularity;
Macromedias Director (which i think you didn’t mention?) is the only tool for cd-rom production;
GoLive vs Dreamweaver, each has it’s own defenders. The thing i like about Dreamweaver is all those extensions you can find on the Macromedia exchange; Golive is supposed to be better for integrating mov files and site layout…
Much to say, you should really get the trials/ demos and have a look for yourself, and then decide which one you like better, that’s what the trials are for.