Adobe Animate / HTML5 & ASP

Hi, used to Flash 5 or Flash MX, been away from design/development for a few years since flash was basically boycotted by apple, with the intention of making people pay for Apple Store games, etc… instead of allowing people to go to free flash game sites…
I am now working with Adobe Animate instead, and was wondering since there is an HTML5 / javascript base to Adobe Animate, is it possible to have ASP coding for a database within the HTML5, that can have basically a form / reporting ability within the Adobe Animate page - without having to open a new window for a separate HTML / ASP page to do the ASP database searches etc…
I found this page here which has some ASPX charts within HTML5 on a page, but i’m not ASPX familiar myself, and after reading this:

so now it makes more sense, of what the difference between asp/aspx are, but i’m basically asking is ASP or ASPX possible to use within the HTML5 of Adobe Animate 2022

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this @vulturecurt. ASP pages could have content that is rendered on the server and on the client, but what the user sees in the browser will be HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Use the output from Adobe Animate as an “asset” that you copy and paste into the appropriate part of your ASPX page. Animate does not understand anything that is going on in your page beyond just the animation it is rendering. For that reason, keeping the two files separate would be best.

Are you using Visual Studio to edit your ASPX page?


ok… and yes i understand the html is the reporting of the asp code behind the scenes… i made asp/msaccess/html page before back in 2001, just wondering if adobe animate can use it within the html5 environment, and you are saying yes, so that is great to hear, now it is a matter of me figuring out the asset part, because that was not part of flash 5 that i remember… and i know about the new asset bending, etc… but that is about it at this time.
yes… will be… also have easy asp, that i used back in 2001.