Adobe Edge - animated Tile pattern

Hi guys,

I’m trying to duplicate an element (like a simple square expanding) on stage and then set it to appear beside the previous elementI could do it in Flash but haven’t got a clue in Adobe Edge. It had to be done dynamically as each child will then produce
another child producing
another child and so on creating a tile pattern.

This is the code I was using in flash which was in the middle of a movieclip

for ( var k:uint = 0; k < 1; k++ ){ var b:MovieClip = new gridsquares(); b.x = 90; b.y = 0; addChild(b);}

Any ideas please…?

How comfortable would you be creating this in JavaScript as opposed to using Edge?

ok, I think that should be ok, because Adobe Edge has full javascript / HTML / jQuery implementation anyway.

The only requirement is that I create the element in Adobe Edge and that is what needs to be duplicated.