Advice needed

I’ve been making html-based websites with embedded flash content (animated banners) for years. I have a client who is asking for an all-Flash website.

Let me just say that I am aware of the controversy over SEO and Flash, and the various workarounds to the whole search engine issue. My client knows this is what he wants, so I have created something that he is very pleased with. Except one thing…

Unfortunately, he also wants a “Latest News” feature on his website, that he could update all by himself. I figured the best thing was to create a blog for him that is tailored to look identical to all of the other flash “pages”. Unfortunately, when someone attempts to return from the blog to the website, they go back to the beginning of the intro animation, which leads to the home page. It would be great if the user could go back directly to the last page they were on within the flash-based website.

Can I do this?

Another idea I had was to somehow embed the blog data within the flash .swf somehow, but this is getting a little over my head. I am using for the blog.

Another idea would be to create a separate .swf for each and every page within the site, but then there would be these 2-second loading pauses for each page (I like it all to be preloaded.).

Please give me some help here.


Why over-complicate things? The easiest method would be to load a text file into a dynamic textfield. You can then have your cake and eat it by preloading everything and you won’t have to worry about trying to create anchors in your SWF. It’s also simple enough for your client to be able to use…as long as they can edit a file in Notepad and upload it to their server, they’ll be good to go.

These should help:

Great advice! Many thanks. We don’t really need the blog. We just need something that is easy for a client to do on his own.