Again, it's Canada's Fault!

Another plan to undermine the US is twarted!

Oh well, next time we’ll go after your chicken pot-pies.
And your 24hr wrestling channel, then the US shall tremble at the might of the Canadians…

Lol, I still don’t trust those Canadians, they always carry a smirk on their face. I just wanna ***** slap them really hard one day and see if it’s only natural.


I still think Mad Cow comes from phils avatar :wink:

I’m voting Nali.

:trout: :frowning: official statement: phils avatar is not infected with madcow

[size=1]Is there a way to proove that? I think we need some of his hair to test it[/size]

Getting picky are we?


jepp :frowning:

*Originally posted by Sunny *
**That sucks, US always blames Canada. **
The way I see it is this…

The USA, UK, and Canada are like 3 boys in a family. The US is the oldest, UK the middle child, and Canada is the youngest…

When stuff goes wrong in a family … who do you blame? Generally it’s the youngest who does (I know from my own experiences:-\

The USA always blames Canada, cause Canada is like the baby in the family - Quiet for the most part, doesn’t harm anyone, but always gets the blame.

I say the UK is the middle child cause they’re across the Atlantic, and we all know the middle child is the one with the problems, always locking themselves in their room and whatnot, never to be seen… except when there’s people to blow up, a-la Iraq

Group hug! :love:
**(watch it Tuknuk always smells like seals phor some reason) **

Watch it Philbo!:upset:

Badmagik, I heard a comedian once say something along similar lines:

America and Canada are like brothers, and the UN is like the mother.
US: Hey mum, can I go to war with Iraq?
UN: Alright - but take Canada with you!
US: Aw, do I have to? He’ll just try and keep the peace

Coppertop, that was some funny stuff!

It’s kinda true though when you think about it …

We can throw the UN into my analogy just to liven everything up at bit and give it some more substance :slight_smile:

us 1st world nations are all one big happy dysfunctional family. We need a tv show!

Edit: Wait, we already have CNN.

Edit 2: bah - what the hell, CNN only focuses on the US and what they want the public to think.

ROFL. Always abusing the asians. Thats why I swear to god, I will turn the whole **** world communist someday. Then asian people will pick on the non-asian kids that can’t speak chinese.

Because communism is all about human rights. Especially Asian communism…

*whoa, I formatted a post…we need a function that automatically puts ellipsis in between every 4 words.