How old is everyone out there?

EVERYONE!? All four billion of us!?\r\r:p \r\r\rt2d\r\r(29…going on 12.)

combined age!!!\r\r\r\rI’m 31 as individuals go.

I am almost 31 Summers old.\r\rMatt The Titoqan.\r\rHow old are you ISFan2002 :slight_smile:

Im old, therefore shall die sooner than you.\r39\r\r(creaks in his rocking computer chair)\rpj\r


Whoa, haha! 13 baby!\r\\r[url=“”]\r[url=“”]\r\rSchooling my grade? Yep Yep!! :lol: \r\r-Dan :expressionless:


silly me, I should have listed my own age first =P I’m 23. I just found Kirupa’s site a few days ago and I like how everyone seems so experienced and how everyone seems to be supportive and help each other out here. SO I was just curious how old everyone was!\r\rsigh, I just graduated college and I’m searching for a full time job now and it’s just getting frustrating…any advice from you “older” and more experienced people? I"m beginning to wonder if the web is the wrong career path for me…!\r

Lotus eating is a great occupation. Doesnt’ earn much… but you wont care. :slight_smile: \r\rFull time work is tough for all of us right now. Bear with it… the market IS getting better.\r\rWhat was your major?

my major was Cognitive Science, don’t ask me what that is. hahaha…jk. but just in case…in a nutshell, it’s how the human mind thinks and works in terms of computers, psychology, biology…everything…My field emphasis was in the computer area so that’s how I sorta got into computers.\r\rSo as you can see, it has nothing to do with design. But I’ve worked throughout college as a graphic/web designer so I have a portfolio, however bad it may be though. I"m still trying to discover what my role in this world is. I think you could say I’m going through an almost quarterlife crisis. I always had this impression that once yo’ure out of college, your life would just fall into place. but here I am, still feeling like a kid!!\r\rwell, have a nice day all.

22 for a month now tears pearling\r\rpom 0]

Ditto illy - 22 here!

Renn-Pom,\r Does this mean that it takes almost two of you to add up to one of me? Doh!\r\rpj\r:p \rfeeling old-

<very slowly>Nooo Phil… 22+22 does noooot equal 39.</very slowly>

Renn-\r I said ‘almost’ as I was aware of that extra 5 years. But that did have a special effect, the v e r y s l o w l y part…I think some kind of point was being made but it went clean over my head-shocker hunh? \r\rpj\r

23, but only for 2 months more…


Phil - I always imagined you to be in your mid to late 20s. We’ve got quite a range of ages in here!

Im this many.\r20\r\r;) \r\r~D