Just a simple question...about everybody!

just asking…how old are all of you?
i’m 17. :slight_smile:

I was 17 WAAAY back in the days!!


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16 here

just a mere 15

i made this site for a friend. my first attempt so go easy on me. but can i have input


starpromo is me

**** i guess at 27 im an old fogie, maybe im 26 hell i forget

I’m 31… ohhh god I’m old…

17, 17, 16, 15, 27, 31 thats the order of the ages of the people that responded! That proves that you get slower as you get older! lol just playin! its ok that ur about the age of my dad upuaut so I will call you daddy upuaut for now on! lol :slight_smile:

i think id **** near smack him for that lol

i wish i could **** lie about my age but my birth year is in my nick - 76. so that makes me 25.
no, 76 is not my age mind you. lol.

i’m 17! who-hoo!


EDIT: sig was causing some problems :slight_smile:

wow, i never realized how old most of you are. did you guys (>20) just recently start using flash for some company or just for fun?

i’m 26, started flashing to avoid waiting tables. ; )

Wow, I had everyone here pictured a lot younger. Like they say, “One can never be too old or too young to Flash!” I’m 16 years old btw.


yo krup, you seem so old! and how does a 16-year old write a book?

sorry about the subject, typo in like (should be lie).
anyway, thought kirupa here is like 30+. he’s achieved more than i do.
you young people ain’t supposed to be flashing yet. u just either chase girls or play counter-strike all day long.
LOL. just kidding.

Hehe thoriphes. Sixteen year olds write books using MS Word and nothing but geeky knowledge of computer programs!

sid, i do chase them girls, but i don’t play counter-strike. i’m an all around person. and krup, how were you able to publish your book and @#%$?

Dont under estimate anyone lol Im 17 and taught myself(like most of the people here) 3ds max 4, photoshop 6.0, flash, drawing, and any animation skills i have. Hell i didnt even own a computer till a year a half ago…before then i thought the internet was like 4 websites all owned by AOL lol. Before i got my PC i wanted to be a physcisist and i took calculus and all that stuff but Digital ART and animation changed my world…THANK GOD FOR FLASH!!!

Oh man i dont know if i should say anything, i mean i hardly write anything on message boards.

But i guess it doesn’t hurt to introduce myself. I just turned 18 in sept 2nd, and i am kinda like vts31 (we’re close friends) and taught myself on all these softwares.

i was 17 before!