Ah, i'm under attack!

The night of the eclips, some one tried to break into my neighbors house. 2 weeks ago, my brother and his girl friend, saw a flash light point into his window. Last night, some one did it again and tried to open it. Today, 2, 18 year olds came to my house, knocked on the door, ( i think that they were scoping the place out to see if any one was home). My dad was home because he took a vacation day. He answered the door, and he said that they had a susprised look on their faces. They made up some lame excuse that they where trying to sell something.

My dad told them to get lost, or the cops are going to show up.

I am now searching for my bat, incase some one does try, i can knock their head off.


this is scary feeling knowing some one is trying to get in. We are thinking of getting an alarm system now, the dog just isnt working enough:-\

Just take your neighbor’s “protected by ADT” sticker and put it on your window.

Morse - your assuming these idiots can read :slight_smile:

man, thats gotta be a bit weird. be careful though, and keep your eyes open.

here’s what you do if you don’t want criminals and/or burglars breaking into your house.
Just follow thoriphes’ 5-simple step plan to safety:

  1. Hang dead animals from the trees on your premises. Studies have shown that burglars tend to stay away from weird people who probably don’t have anything to be stolen anyway.

  2. Put a sign on your door pointing to your next door neighbor’s house saying “He’s got better stuff”. For maximum effect, place similar signs on every door and window on your house.

  3. Beartraps all over your lawn. Landmines for added effect.

  4. Place “Police Line - Do Not Cross” tape around your house and have your womanhuman or child chalk a silhouette of a person laying on the ground on your driveway.

  5. Have a tape recording of your dog constantly barking playing in a loop outside your home. This will usually drive away burglars, but if he succeeds, it will most likely draw attention as well.

Follow my 5 simple steps and your home will be protected from burglars, criminals, and even China!

If i see any one at my window, im going to grab some fire crackers and throw them at them.

either that or i can get my bat or a golf club.

hehe hoime alone! put firecrackers in a pot and light them off, then be like, “Ya good fur nothing mut, Johnny. Thats what you get for crossing the family.”

just don’t injure them or they can sue you.

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**just don’t injure them or they can sue you. **

i know, but if some one gets in. i have every right to protect my self. Can they still sue if they get in and i break their head open?:rd:

if you are protecting your family, its fine. just dont kill the guy.

*Originally posted by thoriphes *
**Follow my 5 simple steps and your home will be protected from burglars, criminals, and even [color=red][size=3]China![/size][/color] **
China lmao!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If they broke into your house, you have every right to injure them (or even kill them legally if it can be proven they forced their way into your home), if they are outside your house, they can sue you for any damage.

Screwed up, but true.

If you kill them outside, then drag them into your house. . . .


lol dan.

If you kill them outside, then drag them into your house. . . .

Good thinking!


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**If you kill them outside, then drag them into your house. . . . **

just make sure to cover up the drag marks…



and wipe off the vinyl side of your house…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

and make it look like they broke in, so breake stuff

Your welcome for the tip! I kill a lot of people that are in front of my house so I am very experienced at it, if you need someone killed give me a plane ticket and take me to your house and then call them over. . . . .